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Privacy Policy

(Note: The following text is translated from the Japanese, and is for reference only, not legally binding.)

The Trans-Pacific Group (TPG) fully recognizes the importance of personal information provided by clients of the TPG (the "Clients") and the protection of such personal information as one of its social responsibilities to be fulfilled. Therefore, TPG makes its utmost efforts to ensure that the Clients' personal information is appropriately protected so that the Clients' privacy right is fully respected.

Acknowledging the importance of protection of personal information as mentioned above, TPG declares the following privacy policy:


1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations


TPG complies with the laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information in Japan as well as rules and guidelines provided by the Japanese government.

2. Collection of Personal Information and Purposes of Use of Personal Information


When the TPG collects the Clients' personal information, it informs the Clients of purposes for which TPG will use the Clients' personal information; provided, that the purposes of use of the Clients' personal information may not be informed if such purposes are obvious from the circumstances where the personal information is delivered (such as through an exchange of business cards).

TPG uses the Clients' personal information not only for the purposes that are informed to the Clients at the time of collection of their personal information but also for the following purposes:

  •  To provide the Clients with information on symposiums, seminars, conferences or any other events organized by TPG;

  •  To deliver the Clients mail magazines, e-mail information or any other publications prepared by TPG; and

  •  To provide the Clients with any other information or to make any contact with the Clients.


TPG ensures that the Clients' personal information will not be used for any other purposes than those mentioned above.


3. Administration of Personal Information


TPG appropriately deals with the Clients' personal information taking necessary measures to prevent any unauthorized access to the Clients' personal information, or theft, loss, destruction, falsification or divulgence of such personal information or to preclude any similar incidents from happening. It will take immediate remedial actions if any of such incidents occurs.


4. Transfer of Ownership of Personal Information


Unless specifically required by the laws or regulations, TPG never transfers the ownership of the Clients' personal information to any third party without the consent of an individual Client.


5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties


In order to accomplish the purposes of use of the Clients' personal information, TPG is entitled to deliver, provide or entrust the Clients' personal information to the third party, with which TPG concludes a proper confidentiality contact to protect the personal information.


6. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information, Suspension of Use of Personal Information and Other Requests


A Client may at any time requests TPG to disclose the Client his/her personal information held by TPG, to make correction(s) or addition(s) to such personal information, to delete a part of his/her personal information, to suspend use of his/her personal information by TPG or to eliminate his/her personal information entirely from TPG's database. TPG will respond swiftly to such Client's request after confirming the identity of the Client so requesting.


7. Continuous Efforts to Improve the Compliance System


TPG will continuously review and improve its policy, structure, internal rules, and other systems for protection of the Clients' personal information responding to any changes in its activities and in the statutory, social and IT environments.



September 2021
Trans-Pacific Group (TPG)

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