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Trans-Pacific Group

About the Trans-Pacific Group

Our evaluation of the current global environment

The U.S.-China strategic rivalry is expected to intensify as we approach 2049, with the business and economic situation expected to become increasingly uncertain and tough in tandem. Under such circumstances, for any Japanese or other Asian company caught between the U.S. and China, how to confront and handle the situation becomes a matter of life or death.

Especially for the China market, the era of Deng Xiaoping, which encouraged market mechanisms, has transitioned to the era of Xi Jinping, which politically restrains market mechanisms. A new order has come for businesses in China, in which business operations in China are fraught with risk yet offer more business opportunity for companies with access to accurate information and analysis.

The Trans-Pacific Group embodies a culture of access to key actors, the highest professional standards, and multi-dimensional integration. These are the fundamental principles that infuse every aspect of our work, guiding our conduct and differentiating our approach.


How We Work 


We will present exclusive analysis on the growing tensions in the U.S.-China relationship and its impact on business, based on intelligence from key persons in the U.S. and China, who are difficult to access, and on our high level analytical skills.

Based on our knowledge of business, economics, finance, and security, we provide analysis that facilitates corporate management decisions.


Finding entry points and breakthroughs in business between the U.S. and China through personal connections with key persons in both countries, making proposals that support business implementation and problem resolution.


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