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Our Services

What is happening in the world today? What are the risks? What policies are being considered by government leadership and officials? The Trans-Pacific Group provides our clients with the intelligence and analysis they need in a variety of forms.

Analysis Reports

  •  Flash Analysis

  •  Monthly Reports

  •  Special Reports    

  •  China Risk Monitoring

Strategic Consulting

  •  Strategic consulting on specific projects and issues

  •  Matching with business partners

  •  Negotiation representation

  •  Local inspections / field research and investigations

  •  Crisis management / due diligence

  •  Interpretation in Chinese and English

  •  Regular meetings

  •  Preparation of presentation materials

  •  Other consulting services


  •   Closed meetings with policymakers

  •   Roundtable discussions with experts  and business experts from various fields

  •   Interpreting official documents, etc.

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